“Silk Road Shipping” empowers our province to accelerate the high-quality development of ports


Recently, the 2020 “Silk Road Shipping” International Cooperation Forum was held in Xiamen. Huang Qifan, vice chairman of China International Economic Exchange Center and former vice chairman of the Finance and Economics Committee of the National People’s Congress, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech. Provincial leaders Hu Changsheng, Zheng Xincong and Cui Yonghui attended. Zhao Long, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor, delivered a speech. National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Transport and other ministries and commissions, relevant persons in charge of leading port and shipping companies such as COSCO SHIPPING and Maersk, Director Wu Nanxiang and Deputy Director Huang Naen of the Provincial Department of Commerce (Provincial Port Office) and other provincial leaders attended the forum.

The theme of this forum is “Silk Road Shipping: The Road to High-quality Development”. During the forum, 6 “Silk Road Shipping” express routes, “Silk Road Shipping” construction blue book (2019-2020) and “Silk Road Shipping” services were released. With the latest results of standard system research, 8 units including the Port of Gdansk Authority in Poland and Hambantota International Port Group have officially become members of the “Silk Road Shipping” alliance.
In December 2018, Fu established the positioning and advantages of the core area of ​​Zuhaisi, and took the lead in launching “Silk Road Shipping” to create a new brand and new platform for shipping logistics services under the “Belt and Road”. On September 7 last year, the first “Silk Road Shipping” International Cooperation Forum was successfully held in Xiamen, and the brand influence of “Silk Road Shipping” was further expanded. In the past year, the “Silk Road Maritime” alliance was formally established, the international rail-sea intermodal transit train was launched, and the world’s container ship “Modern Gdansk” voyaged to Xiamen Port. The economic and trade exchanges are pushed to a new height, and the construction of the core area of ​​Fujian Haisi will be further deepened and realized. As of the end of August 2020, “Silk Road Shipping” has released a total of 5 batches of 62 named routes, including 60 in Fujian and 2 in Tianjin. More than 3,400 voyages have been opened, and the container throughput has exceeded 3 million TEUs. As of September 8, 2020, the membership of the “Silk Road Shipping” alliance has expanded to 183.

In order to actively promote the “Silk Road Shipping” alliance to give full play to its advantages and fully guarantee the smooth flow of the international logistics supply chain, the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce (Port Office) studied and formulated the “Fujian Province “Silk Road Trade” Special Work Plan (2020-2022)”, Add new momentum to the smooth “Silk Road Trade”. At the same time, we will work with relevant port departments to take multiple measures to facilitate port customs clearance, rely on reforms to improve the efficiency of import and export customs clearance, and vigorously promote the development of the port economy in our province.
One is simple proof. Import documents have been streamlined by 74%, export documents have been streamlined by 88%, and supervision certificates have been reduced to 44 types. Most of them have been verified online, allowing more data to run and enterprises less errands.
The second is to work together to optimize the customs clearance process. Implement the “advance declaration” reward system and promote the “two-step declaration” reform. Enterprises only need to declare at least 9 data items to pick up the goods; trial import “ship-side direct pick-up” and export “direct shipment” to save time More than 1 day; advance paperless operation modes in port areas such as electronic container cargo bills of lading to create efficient ports; implement “prior inspection and later inspection” for mineral products, shortening the average inspection and delivery time from about 20 days to about 3 days ; For inbound distribution of goods and stone, the series operation is changed to parallel operation, and the business model of fast inspection of imported wine and bonded logistics is innovated and improved.
The third is to coordinate Fuzhou Customs and Xiamen Customs to establish a monitoring and handling mechanism for over-long orders. To sort out and analyze key commodities that take a long time to clear customs, and propose measures such as automatic confirmation of inspection appointment information and manual inspection without appointment.
The fourth is to make every effort to ensure the rapid customs clearance of foreign trade goods. Establish a collection and resolution mechanism for enterprises’ resumption of work and production and customs clearance to ensure that the problems are “cleared” in a timely manner. Up to now, it has assisted companies in solving difficult problems encountered in the export of anti-epidemic materials such as remanufacturing masks, the import of raw materials for hazardous chemicals, and the handling of relevant corporate qualifications.
Fifth, version 4.0 of the China (Fujian) International Trade Single Window was upgraded and launched. Highlight the provision of full-chain integrated services, apply new-generation technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to fully converge and integrate import and export business flows, cargo flows, information flows, and capital flows to realize customs, ports, trade, taxes, and finance The integrated whole chain operation makes trade simpler and smarter, trade data sharing is more transparent and mutual trust, and promotes management innovation in the fields of customs clearance, taxation and financial services.
In the next step, the Provincial Department of Commerce (Port Office) will work with relevant port units to jointly create a better “Silk Road Maritime” fast route, continue to improve the business environment of our province’s ports, and deepen the “Sea Silk” core area for Fujian. Build joint efforts.

Source: Fujian Business

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