Zhenghe Port

“Zhenghe Port” is a comprehensive foreign trade service platform developed by the China Pacific Institute and experts from Huaqiao University
(a.qzztcn.com). One for the import and export of enterprises is not affected by time, space, staff
Changing mobile electronic services. Import and export data of enterprises can be read at any time, and the data is unified
The board is an import and export service platform that can be precipitated and passed on. It is also a professional service for SMEs, there are
Practitioner in comprehensive service industry for import and export needs. In 2018, it was assessed as Fujian Foreign Trade Comprehensive
Joint service pilot unit.

“Zhenghe Port” one-stop comprehensive customs clearance service platform for import and export. Currently Zhenghegang platform can
Achieve: 24-hour customs declaration on the online platform anytime, anywhere, with complete information, and the fastest 3 minutes
Close release.

Our service

1. Import and export direct agency service, sales promotion service;
2. Services of processing trade with imported and supplied materials;
3. Bank collection and payment of foreign exchange, letter of credit issuance;
4. Help buyers recommend matching factories;

Logistics, customs declaration, tax rebate, credit insurance finance, etc., promote the smooth progress of SME trade, and
SMEs provide professional, low-cost customs clearance, foreign exchange, tax rebates and supporting logistics and financial services.
This is a key step towards realizing the transformation of traditional foreign trade into a new type of tertiary industry service industry.

Import and export Department: professional import and export agency services, agent products import and export sales promotion services;Processing trade services of incoming materials and incoming materials;Receipt and payment of foreign exchange by Banks and issuance of letters of credit;Logistics and tax refund;Operation of “Zhengzhou-Hong Kong Foreign Trade Integrated Service Platform” (A.qzztcn.com);

Network Department: help enterprises to sell products around the world,Operate Great China stone merchant website (Stone128.com);Stock stone network operation;Exiaohui.com;Plumbing supply Chain (SNTsn.com)

Consulting Department: provide consulting and landing services for government administrative approval projects for enterprises, and meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises;

Training Department: “Chinese Standardization” series of courses tailored for Chinese enterprises and individuals;



正和港综合服务平台 - Zhenghe Port Integrated Service Platform

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