Recruitment position

Assistant to General Manager (4k-8k)

The current recruiting staff age requirement is 25-40 years old, job responsibilities:

1. Assist the general manager to formulate business plans, supervise and implement the implementation of the work plans of various departments’ business plans, and complete the overall operation of import and export comprehensive service projects;
2. Assist in formulating the company’s overall operating annual goals and quarterly implementation plans;
3. Assist in formulating the project organization framework and determining the responsibilities and functions of the department;
4. Collect company operating reports and related business data, review and analyze regularly and report to the general manager, assist in phased summary analysis and improvement strategies;
5. Assist the general manager in business development, maintenance of external public relations and follow-up of business work;
6. Responsible for conveying the general manager’s work instructions and requirements for each department;
7. Responsible for the formulation and promotion of the company’s publicity copy;
8. Other tasks assigned by the general manager.
job requirements:
1. Gender: Male, driver’s license is preferred;
2. Majors in international trade, marketing and management are preferred, bachelor degree or above;
3. Have a certain understanding of foreign trade or have expertise in a certain position in foreign trade;
4. Familiar with import and export trade, good communication and coordination skills, strong writing skills;
5. To be upright, have a good attitude, be organized and principled, have a high overall quality, be able to withstand greater work pressure, be motivated and have a high sense of responsibility;


Financial Manager (7k-1.4w)

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, aged 30-45, with experience in import and export accounting and industrial accounting
2. Have experience in financial operation of more than 5 companies;
3. Familiar with financial management, corporate financing and capital operation;
4. Familiar with the full set of processes and management of accounting operations, accounting and auditing;
5. Familiar with national financial laws and regulations, taxation policies and related accounting processing methods;
6. Familiar with the operation of UF ERP software;
7. Proficient in Chinese and Western financial accounting systems, as well as corporate financial accounting, auditing, taxation, foreign exchange and other businesses.

Job requirements:
1. Have good oral and written expression skills, good communication and communication skills;
2. Have the ability to organize, coordinate and respond;
3. Have financial planning and analysis and judgment capabilities;
4. Have a good relationship between the government and banks, and have certain financing capabilities;
5. Be able to understand the personality and advantages and disadvantages of employees, and strive to use and train talents;
6. Possess good moral quality, optimism, self-confidence, team spirit, and can unite subordinates;
7. Diligent in thinking, good at learning, learning and mastering the latest financial-related knowledge in time to meet the needs of the development of the times


Import and export documents officer (4k-7k+ commission)

Job Responsibilities:
1. Platform promotion and customer discovery (Zhenghe Port)
2. Docking guests
3. Booking
4. Customs declaration and bill of lading verification
5. Application fee
6, remind the bill of lading
7. Make customs clearance documents
8. Organize record data and summarize summary table


Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in English or international trade or logistics, with CET-4 qualification;
2. Familiar with the import and export business process, familiar with the operation of import and export documents, and have more than 3 years of document work experience;
3. It is better if the home is near Quanzhou


Import and export trade clerk (3k-6k+ commission)

Import and export salesperson/business supervisor:
1. Familiar with import and export related businesses and have certain business experience;
2. Optimistic and cheerful personality, willing to communicate with others, fluent and clear language expression;
3. Ability to bear hardships and stand hard work, have a strong desire for self-learning and enterprising, willing to grow together with the company;
4. Have the courage to challenge the limit, have a strong desire for success and a persevering spirit.

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