Fujian Quanzhou Zhongtai Import and Export Co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of Zhongtai Agency, specializing in comprehensive import and export services.Founded in 2000, CPIC is a service organization integrating Internet, import and export trade, government policy consultation and enterprise training.Institutions set up operations center in quanzhou, respectively, HuiAn, Taiwanese businessmen in xiamen area, nanan etc set up convenient customer service information, and set up the network department of import and export, consulting, training, using the combination of network and the import and export, the company can assist clients to finish the purchase demand, to determine the order and the final product inspection, export all kinds of links, integrate various resources, to provide quality and efficient service, to achieve “in the enterprise integrated services platform” as the goal of the enterprise.


In November 2016, the “Comprehensive Service Platform for Foreign Trade with Hong Kong” (a.qzztcn.com) jointly developed by the Chinese and Pacific Agencies and experts from Huaqiao University was launched.At present, Posi-Sum Hong Kong platform can do: agent products import and export sales promotion services;Processing trade services of incoming materials and incoming materials;Receipt and payment of foreign exchange by Banks and issuance of letters of credit;Logistics, tax refund, credit insurance and other businesses can promote the smooth trade of small and medium-sized enterprises. Meanwhile, the first order of the customs port docking with “Zhenghe Port” was successfully cleared in the official office of the company on July 21, 2017. With all the documents prepared, the customs clearance can be carried out in as little as 3 minutes.A key step towards realizing the transformation of traditional foreign trade into a new tertiary industry service industry.


We take “cordial, thoughtful, scrupulously abide by the credit” as the service tenet, provides the network, the consultation, the training and the import and export service realistically for the enterprise.We sincerely hope that we can work together with more business friends to achieve common development and create great achievements.

正和港综合服务平台 - Zhenghe Port Integrated Service Platform

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