China Pacific Institute and Huaqiao University hold social practice class~~class started

The first class is “How to Integrate with Society Faster” by Wu Taiyu, Chairman of China Pacific Organization.



It’s another year that the graduation season is coming. Seeing the word “graduation season”, I don’t know what will flash in your head?

As a mother, I may instinctively think of my children. When my children grow up to prepare to leave the campus of nearly 20 years of study and enter the society, there is a kind of “old mother” who will finally be relieved. The feeling, I feel relaxed and comfortable wholeheartedly. For them, my task seems to be completed. He can be handed over to himself and to society. And our children, in fact, their life journey has really just begun. The learning career is a process of constantly filling and accumulating oneself. There is little release, and without release, one may face a lack of knowledge of oneself and not knowing how to use one’s abilities and skills, because there is no such ” The process of “operation” may be unfamiliar, hit a wall, get confused, and even find oneself.



Recall that my “graduation season” was 10 years ago. When I was about to graduate, I was also full of confusion. Are you nervous about your first interview, have you prepared a comprehensive plan? Is it still too ideal and immature? Did you dress appropriately for the interview? Can it reflect the small personality of the planner without losing the seriousness of facing the workplace?


When I first started my internship life, I felt that this “social university” was filled with differences everywhere, and looked forward to hesitation, full of ambition, but cautious. Have you experienced this kind of careful thinking?



“Connecting to Society Faster”, I think this is a topic that every young youth who is about to graduate and enter the society needs to face.


As students of Huaqiao University, you are lucky. Because your school and the teachers who led you have put yourself in consideration for you, and have taken corresponding measures. The school-enterprise cooperation project with the “China Pacific Institution” has been successfully held for three phases. Before the start of the fourth phase of school-enterprise cooperation, social practice courses are now offered in schools. As the chief cooperating company for the social practice courses of Huaqiao University, “Zhongtai Institution” also actively supports the needs of the school. For the students who are about to graduate, to pass on some of their own experience and energy.



Mr. Wu Taiyu of the China Pacific Institute, the first topic for students to lecture is: “How to get in line with society faster”. How to get in line with society more quickly needs to start with “knowing yourself”. Mr. Wu Taiyu analyzed the students from the perspective of career planning, combined with the current stage and the “three major crises” they will face, so as to “check” themselves. From personal personality, interests, majors, schools, career choices, values, and the growth environment and responsibilities of the family, we teach students that before the year of “establishment”, this “establishment” must “establish morality, stand for words and stand up.” , Gradually shape yourself in all directions.


Then, it is to position one’s own profession. In the sharing of career positioning, Mr. Wu Taiyu combined the explanation of Enneagram to help students share the characteristics of different personalities and careers that match them. There are no good or bad personalities of different models. Only by knowing yourself and knowing yourself better will it be easier to find occupations and companies that better match your characteristics.



Whether it is the accumulation of the learning process or the moment you step into the society, isn’t the journey of life a process of self-knowledge and self-improvement? If you have the guidance of your instructor and use a more correct opening method, I think this journey can be less detours and more beautiful. This should be the original intention of Huaqiao University to start social practice courses.


From the on-site course responses given by the students, I think that they must have received the school’s heart and also received the heartfelt sharing from Teacher Wu. Therefore, in this social practice course, China Pacific Institute has prepared a series of courses according to the needs of the students of Huaqiao University at this stage of entering society:



The above topics from different perspectives allow students to learn and grow from all aspects, so that they are fully prepared at the moment they enter the society. The China Pacific Institute will also invite friends from the business community to teach students, so that they can get in touch with the company for the first time, feel the entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurs, and open a channel for the talent needs of the company. I think that what the school wants is not only a theoretical topic, but also hope that such a school-enterprise cooperation project can open new insights, ideas, and channels for students’ employment and entrepreneurship.


The first class of Mr. Wu, an old graduate, was also inspired and touched by me, so I look forward to studying the topic next week, see you next week!​


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