A better future can only be achieved through change: report from the meeting of the China Pacific Organization on August 22


Small achievements continue to accumulate continuously and continue indefinitely, so that at first glance, the grand and lofty goals can be achieved.
… Kazuo Inamori



On the morning of August 22, 2019, all employees of the China Pacific Organization held the “August 2019 Work Summary and September Work Plan Promotion Meeting” at the Quanzhou Operation Center. This was also the work summary meeting for the first half of 2019. The meeting conveyed positive energy, gratitude, efficiency, and firm conviction, followed the correct direction pointed out by the top management of the enterprise, and worked hard to practice it, and effectively summarized the past. Only by positive enterprise development deficiencies and weaknesses can we better guide the next Development work.



Isn’t life or work a process of constant awareness and correction? Because we have the idea to make ourselves better; because we can do better, so we are not afraid! This correction process will inspire our own courage and self-reliance. There is no perfect individual, but if the team has the same direction and goal, we can create a perfect team!



At the end of 2018, we held a year-end summary meeting of Zhongtai, and we looked forward to the development of 2019. Zhongtai wants to realize the development goals of enterprise platform and project partnership. This needs every Zhongtai Tairen, adhering to the philosophy of Zhongtai people: to be self-improving, to share with colleagues, to be happy and promising, to work hand in hand, to continue to advance and promote, in order to achieve this common goal.



Over the past six months, the parents of Zhongda University have been keeping this development goal in mind, leading the team members to continuously optimize themselves. From the development of the “Zhenghe Port Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Platform” 2.0, the upgrade of the corporate financial system ERP, to the application for AEO certification of the customs foreign trade comprehensive service platform, there will be difficulties, opportunities and challenges in this process. However, as long as the goals are consistent, There must be more solutions than difficulties. Everyone in the Zhongtai team, in the process of Zhongtai’s enterprise optimization, is gratified that everyone never slackens and follows the footsteps of the team.



In the process of realizing the goal of a platform-based enterprise, Zhongtai Institution specially invited Mr. Sun from Fuzhou to standardize the management of enterprises to assist the Zhongtai team. Teacher Sun has a wealth of management experience and is a very strong teacher. The development of Zhongtai can help. I believe that the joining of Teacher Sun, the strong support of colleagues from all walks of life, the cooperation of partners from all walks of life, and the sincere cooperation of our team members will accelerate the growth and expansion of the Zhongtai team and quickly improve execution. And collaboration!



This summary meeting was led by Teacher Sun. The meeting was lively and innovative. The partners participated in the planning and layout of the meeting place, which made the environment of the meeting full of cohesion. The bright and elegant female players were like blossoming fragrant and charming roses. The meeting added infinite interest and romance. Everyone expressed their feelings for their growth in Zhongtai for many years and their longing for personal and corporate destiny. The meeting also added a lot of interactive links, which made the meeting a lot of relaxation. a feeling of. The spirit of the meeting and the way in which the goals are delivered are clear and bright! This is the beginning of efficient team formation, and it should be like this.



This is the unchanging rule. Change must be painful, whether it is for the company or the team to the individual in the company. However, if you don’t change, you will be sailing against the current. If this direction is good and right, then we will embrace this change together and achieve our goals!



Choose good people to make friends, choose good books and read, choose good words and listen, choose good deeds and follow. To achieve the above, I believe that everyone in the team is also moving towards a better future, let us become better together! Come on, Zhongtai people!

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