Here’s your money back, here’s your money back, here’s your money back… Support for a package of policies and measures has come!

        The State Council recently issued a package of policies and Measures to steadily stabilize the Economy, which includes 33 specific policies and measures in six areas. What money is exempt? What kind of money can be deferred? What money can I get a refund on? What do you want to send a sum of money to? Let’s see!

Here’s your money back

        An additional 142 billion yuan will be set aside to offset tax rebates.

        In manufacturing, scientific research and technical services, has a gas and water, electricity, heat production and supply industry, software and information technology services, ecological protection and environmental governance, civil aviation transportation, warehousing and postal service six industries such as tax credits to refund of the stock and increment tax credits on a monthly basis to refund the, based on the research to wholesale and retail, Farming, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, accommodation and catering, resident services, repair and other services, education, health and social work, culture, sports and entertainment and so on seven industries included in the monthly refund the total increment for tax credits, one-time refund the total stock of tax deduction policy scope, leave for tax refund is estimated to increase by RMB 142 billion yuan.

I’ll give you this money

        Stable post return, one-time post expansion subsidies

        ● We will improve the unemployment insurance policy for stable job refunds, further increase the rate of refunds, and raise the rate of refunds for large enterprises from 30 percent to 50 percent.

        ● We will expand the coverage of unemployment insurance subsidies for workers to cover all small, medium and micro enterprises that are temporarily unable to operate due to the severe impact of the epidemic.

        ● Enterprises that recruit college graduates who sign labor contracts and participate in unemployment insurance can issue one-time post expansion subsidies of no more than 1,500 yuan per person. Specific subsidy standards are determined by each province, and one-time employment subsidies are not repeated. The implementation period of the policy is until the end of this year.

        A second batch of 10 billion yuan in subsidies for agricultural supplies was issued

        In view of the high prices of agricultural supplies, we will promptly issue a second batch of 10 billion yuan in agricultural subsidies, on top of the 20 billion yuan already granted, to make up for the decline in grain yields caused by rising costs.

        154.7 billion yuan in aid and subsidies

        ● We will make good use of the 154.7 billion yuan in aid and subsidy funds allocated by the central government, consolidate the responsibilities of local governments, and provide timely and adequate assistance to those in need through the direct mechanism of government funds.

        ● We will provide relief to people affected by disasters, provide targeted assistance to those in need of assistance and support, and provide targeted assistance to people with temporary difficulties.

The money will slow down

        Social insurance premiums

        ● On the premise of ensuring that all social insurance benefits are paid in full and on time, all small, medium and micro enterprises and individual businesses in eligible areas with temporary difficulties in production and operation due to the impact of the epidemic, the payment of contributions from three social insurance units will be suspended for a period until the end of this year.

        ● In the retail, catering, tourism, civil aviation, highway, waterway 5 strands industry such as railway transport of delay capture three social security policy implementation phases, on the basis of the outbreak severely impact, a large area inside the industry enterprise production and management difficulties, in line with national industrial policy oriented things the other industry, expand the delay payment policy implementation, The period for deferment of pension premiums will be extended to the end of this year.

        Personal housing and consumer loans, etc

        ● We encourage deferred repayment of principal and interest on loans to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, individual businesses, truck drivers, and personal housing and consumer loans affected by the epidemic.

        ● Commercial banks and other financial institutions will continue to independently negotiate with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (including business owners), individual industrial and commercial businesses, and truck drivers in accordance with market principles to postpone the repayment of principal and interest on their loans to the fullest extent possible. In principle, the date of this extension will not exceed the end of 2022.

        ● The financial subsidiaries of central automobile enterprises should play a leading and exemplary role and provide a six-month postponement to support the repayment of principal and interest on consumer loans for commercial trucks issued before June 30, 2022.

        ● For those who have been hospitalized or quarantined due to COVID-19, who have lost their source of income due to the epidemic, financial institutions will flexibly adjust their repayment plans by reasonably postponing the repayment time, extending the loan term and delaying the repayment of principal for their existing personal housing and consumption loans.

        ● For extended loans, we will adhere to the judgment of substantial risk, do not reduce the risk classification of loans solely due to the epidemic factors, do not affect credit investigation records, and waive penalty interest.

        Housing accumulation fund

        ● Enterprises affected by the epidemic can apply for deferment of the payment of housing provident fund according to regulations, and make up the payment when it is due.

        ● During this period, deposit workers normally withdraw and apply for housing provident fund loans, not affected by the delay.

        ● Those affected by the epidemic who are unable to repay their housing provident fund loans will not be overdue and will not be included in the credit investigation records.

        ● Each region can increase the amount of housing provident fund for renting according to the local actual situation, to better meet the actual needs.

The money is deductible

        House rent

        ● In 2022, three to six months of rent will be reduced or exempted for small and micro businesses in the service sector and individual businesses renting state-owned housing. If the lessor reduces or exempts the rent, the property tax and urban land use tax of the current year can be reduced or exempted according to the regulations, and the state-owned bank shall be guided to provide the lessor with preferential interest rate pledge loan and other support as needed.

        ● Non-state – owned housing rent reduction can enjoy the same preferential policies.

        ● We will encourage and guide local governments to take more practical and effective measures to reduce or exempt housing rents for market entities in light of their actual conditions.

This money should be reduced

        Cost of water, electricity and network

        ● We will fully implement the policy of “continuous unpaid supply of water, electricity and gas” for small and micro enterprises and individual businesses temporarily affected by the epidemic, and set up a six-month delay period for payment of water, electricity and gas, which can be further extended based on local conditions. During the delay period, late fees for unpaid water, electricity and gas will be exempted.

        ● We will guide local governments to subsidize water and electricity expenses of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. We will review and standardize charges for urban water, power, gas, and heating industries, abolish unreasonable charges, standardize government pricing and business operators’ pricing, and implement a billing system for retained charges.

        ● In 2022, average broadband and dedicated service rates for msmes will be cut by another 10 percent.

        ● In tendering and bidding, letter of guarantee (insurance) will be introduced in place of cash to pay guarantees for bidding, contract performance and project quality, and tenderers will be encouraged to exempt bidders from bidding guarantees for small, medium and micro enterprises.

These things cost nothing

        When passenger and freight drivers, couriers and crew members go to other places for nucleic acid and antigen tests free of charge, the local government will treat them as local residents and enjoy the same policy, and the necessary expenses will be covered by local finance.

Article source:Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

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