List of members of the Hui’an County CPPCC

Member of the 13th and 14th Hui’an County CPPCC. Supervisor of County Women Entrepreneurs Association, city “March 8 Red Flag Bearer”. Deputy General Manager of Huarong Garment Company, Head of General Agent of Bama Tea Industry in Huian.


Since she founded Huarong Clothing Company in 1990, she has focused on providing professional school uniforms and accessories services to provide children with a comfortable and safe dressing experience. The company has been rated as a provincial-level “contract-honoring and trustworthy” unit, a municipal-level “good business and commercial credit enterprise”, “a first-class credit enterprise”, etc.


She actively supports the needy, and enthusiastically supports orphans, old orphans, and families in need of disasters. She has donated more than 500,000 yuan in donations. Serving as the vice chairman of the part-time Women’s Federation of Luoyang Town for nearly ten years, he has guided and promoted more women and families around him to realize entrepreneurship, employment and increase income.


Attention: At present, the production and sales of the school uniform industry in Hui’an are booming, with the same increase in quantity and quality, and the momentum is good. Cai Xizhu is concerned about how to further improve the industrial chain, make up for shortcomings in enterprise R&D, accelerate project promotion and industry gathering, and build a brand in the era of intelligent Internet of Things.



Member of the 13th and 14th Hui’an County CPPCC. Fujian Provincial Primary and Middle School Young and Middle-aged Subject Leader, Advanced Moral Education Worker, Primary and Secondary School Backbone Principal, Winner of the Star Torch Medal, Excellent Education Worker in Quanzhou, and the first Fubang famous principal in Hui’an County. Principal and senior teacher of County Experimental Primary School.


He is committed to the construction and promotion of school culture, organizes the compilation of two school-based courses “Classic Reading” and “Shuren”, and organizes reading festival, Thanksgiving Day, sports festival, science and technology festival and music festival every year to promote students’ core literacy Development has given a century-old school full of vitality.


He cares about the development of education, the construction of school culture, and the development of teachers and students. Actively respond to school pairing activities and make every effort to promote the balanced development of education in our county.


Concern: How to create more public welfare spaces suitable for extracurricular reading in schools and communities, lead parents to support and participate in reading, build a scholarly campus and a scholarly society, and allow education, culture, and reading to coexist harmoniously.



Member of the 14th Hui’an County CPPCC. Vice Chairman of the 3rd and 4th Member Congress of the Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) in Haicang District, Xiamen. Deputy General Manager of Jin Yang Group Company.


He used new ideas and new models to promote the development of the company, and promoted the rapid development of Jinyang New Materials into a leading polymer new material enterprise in Fujian Province. He has been awarded the “National Green Factory” and “National Manufacturing “Double Innovation” Platform Pilot Demonstration Project”. “Xiamen Science and Technology Little Giant Leading Enterprise” and other honorary titles.


He actively participated in targeted poverty alleviation work and went to Jishishan County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province to carry out counterpart poverty alleviation collaborations to help the locals get rid of poverty as scheduled.


In response to the high incidence of residential fires that seriously affect the lives and property safety of residents, he put forward the “Proposals on the Existing Problems and Prevention of Fire Safety Risks in Residential Districts”.


Concern: The improvement of the business environment can effectively promote the development of enterprises. Li Yuanfeng put forward specific suggestions for improving the environment of the Quanhui Petrochemical Park in terms of green planning, safety management, and corporate image enhancement.



Member of the Standing Committee of the 14th Hui’an County CPPCC. Member of the Chinese Calligraphy Association, Deputy Secretary-General of the Calligraphy Education Working Committee of the Provincial Calligraphy Association, and Chairman of the County Calligraphers Association. Member of Hu Kangmei’s calligraphy PhD project at Communication University of China, Distinguished Professor of Hebei Academy of Art, Distinguished Teacher of Quanzhou Normal University, and Visiting Professor of Liming University. Winner of the May 1st Labor Medal in Fujian Province, and a cultural master in Quanzhou.


He is a calligrapher who grew up in Moxiang, and is also a leader in Hui’an calligraphy. His works have won numerous awards: the 8th Stars Award of the Ministry of Culture, the Nomination Award of the 2nd National Lishu Calligraphy Exhibition, and the second prize of the 1st National Youth Art Calligraphy Exhibition. His works were exhibited in the 11th and 12th National Calligraphy Exhibition, the 3rd National Youth Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Exhibition, and the 7th and 8th National Youth Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Exhibition. Held a solo exhibition at the National Academy of Painting.


Concern: Regarding the issue of text standards, he suggested that traditional characters should be allowed in places with more cultural characteristics, so as to integrate elements such as beauty, form and art into life, and to enhance the taste of the city.



Member of the 14th Hui’an County CPPCC. Fujian Foreign Trade Practice Instructor, Employment and Entrepreneurship Instructor of the School of Finance and Economics of Huaqiao University, and Vice President of Fujian Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Chamber of Commerce. Chairman of Zhongtai Import and Export Company.


Under his leadership, the company focuses on import and export trade services and is driven by the establishment of an operation center. It has set up 7 departments under its umbrella to integrate the network with import and export to provide customers with convenient services. In 2013, it was recognized as the first batch of “Quanzhou Management Innovation Demonstration Enterprises”. In 2018, it was awarded the “Top 100 Quanzhou Service Industry Enterprises”. The “Zhenghe Hong Kong Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Platform” developed in conjunction with experts from Huaqiao University was named “Fujian Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service (Pilot) Enterprise”.


Attention: In recent years, he has conducted more than 20 training sessions on foreign trade counseling and favorable enterprise policies in 9 cities in the province, and exchanged his 20-year experience in foreign trade operation and operation with entrepreneurs who are hungry for knowledge. He suggested that we should actively integrate into national strategies such as the “Belt and Road” initiative, as well as the development of emerging markets and multilateral trade.


Member of the 13th and 14th Hui’an County CPPCC. Subject leader in Fujian Province, scholar of Erythrina science communication in Quanzhou City, high-level talent in the city, president of the County Science and Technology Education Association. Head of the General Technology Group of Hui’an No. 1 Middle School, senior teacher of middle school.


As a leader in youth science and technology education in our county, Xiao Kaimin instructs students to participate in the China Youth Robotics Competition, the National Youth Science Film Festival Competition, and the National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition. He has won several national, provincial, and municipal first, second, and third prizes.


His proposal “Recommendations on Fully Launching Youth Robot Education in Our County” was listed as a key supervision proposal of the county CPPCC. Initiated the establishment of the Hui’an County Science and Technology Education Association to promote the first Hui’an County Youth Robotics Competition.


Attention: Promote scientific and technological education activities such as robots, intelligent programming, 3D+ maker, artificial intelligence, aviation and navigation model education, etc. in our county, so that every child can experience the charm of modern technology, use his hands and brains, learn by doing, and learn while training. Innovation capacity.


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