County Leaders Market Research Briefing


On October 18th, Comrade Wang Yefu, Deputy Mayor of Hui’an County, Comrade Zhou Hongnan, Director of the Bureau of Commerce, Comrade Zhuang Wenkui, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the County Party Committee, Comrade Yan Wenyao, Deputy Director of the Economic and Information Bureau, and Comrade Zhuang Dongchun, Deputy Director of the Taxation Bureau, were in Chongwu Town. Accompanied by the mayor Huang Xiaohong and general manager Wu Taiyu of Zhongtai Organization, he went to Zhongtai Import and Export Co., Ltd. for field investigation.


During the investigation and investigation, the county leaders listened carefully to Chairman Wu Taiyu’s introduction to the company’s operating characteristics, and fully affirmed and highly recognized the company’s “Zhenghe Port Comprehensive Service Platform for Foreign Trade”. Promote Huian’s import and export business to a new level.



On October 23, Hui’an County Mayor Lai Qingzheng, Deputy County Mayor Wang Yefu, and the main leaders of the County Party Committee’s Talent Office, Government Office, Economic and Information Bureau, Finance Bureau, Taxation Bureau and other departments, and the party secretary of Chongwu Town, Zeng Huibin Accompanied by the comrades, they inspected the Zhongtai Import and Export Co., Ltd., fully understood the company’s various business tasks, and gave important instructions.



In particular, after gaining an in-depth understanding of the specific situation of the company’s foreign trade operations, and grasping the various adverse effects of the recent Sino-US trade friction on the company, the county magistrate Lai clearly instructed that all relevant departments in the county should pay more attention to China. The strength of support and the company’s leading role in the field of Huian’s foreign trade will drive the steady and rapid growth of Huian’s foreign trade import and export. Magistrate Lai’s on-site instructions immediately drew rounds of applause from surrounding company employees. After the investigation, the company’s management carefully studied the guidance of the county leaders and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the county government and various leading units for their care and assistance to Zhongtai Import and Export Co., Ltd., and deeply felt that the company has a great responsibility and is willing to do so in the future. In the business activities of the company, abide by laws and regulations, reform and innovate, continuously enhance service awareness, improve service quality, serve Chongwu, serve Hui’an, and make new contributions to Hui’an import and export trade.


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