A proclamation on allowing wheat imports throughout Russia

  In accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and the supplementary provisions of the Protocol on Plant Quarantine Requirements for Wheat Exported from Russia between the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, wheat is allowed to be imported throughout the whole territory of Russia. The General Administration of Customs issued the following announcement:

  I. Russian wheat refers to the spring wheat planted in the territory of the Russian Federation and without the occurrence of short smelling smut, which is limited to processing purposes.

  II. In accordance with the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and relevant international standards, Russia should monitor quarantine pests of Concern to China in wheat export producing areas and storage sites and take comprehensive prevention and control measures.

  At China’s request, Russia should provide all the above monitoring results and information on the prevention and control measures taken. Russia should provide the results of its annual surveillance of smut in wheat.

  III. Before and during the wheat export, the Russian side takes all possible measures to reduce the risk of quarantine pests that are of concern to The Chinese side being introduced into China with the wheat exported to China.

  If smut is found, Russia should immediately notify China and provide relevant information on the epidemic areas of smut, and suspend wheat exports to China from those areas.

  IV. Prior to export and during transportation of wheat, the Russian side shall adopt screening measures to remove soil, plant residues, dangerous weed seeds and other impurities. In the process of storage and transportation, wheat exported to China should not be mixed with winter wheat or wheat from the epidemic areas of smut.

  V. For the export of wheat in bulk, transportation means specially used for grain transportation shall be used, which may be carried by water, railway, road or air. No carrier is allowed for bagged wheat to China. During transportation, food should be avoided in the way of leakage and damp. The means of transport shall conform to the provisions of the State on plant quarantine.

  VI. After the completion of export inspection and quarantine, the Russian side will issue a phytosanitary certificate in accordance with the international standards for Phytosanitary measures, and note in the additional declaration: “The consignment of wheat complies with the requirements specified in the Protocol of phytosanitary requirements for wheat exported from the Russian Federation to the People’s Republic of China and is free from dwarf bunt of wheat Tilletia controversa J.G. Kuhn”(This batch of wheat meets the requirements of plant quarantine requirements protocol of Russian wheat export to China and does not carry smut), At the same time, indicate the source of production area, export storage location, export storage enterprise name and other information.

  VII. Other plant quarantine requirements shall be implemented in accordance with the announcement No. 25, 2018 of aqSIQ.

Article source:The General Administration of Customs

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