Market procurement trade has become a new bright spot in foreign trade

The way of market procurement trade refers to the goods purchased by qualified operators in the market agglomeration area recognized by the competent national commerce department, the value of the single-ticket declaration form is less than 150,000 (including 150,000) and the export is handled at the place of purchase The trade method of commodity clearance procedures. It is reported that this trade method is created for foreign trade transactions of “multi-variety, multi-batch, and small-batch” in the domestic professional market. It has the characteristics of fast customs clearance, convenience, and exemption of value-added tax.

In order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of market procurement trade, according to the principles of “inclusiveness and prudence, overall coordination, and classified management”, the customs fully evaluates the source of declarations, on-site inspections and other risk factors, replicates and promotes the customs supervision experience in mature regions, and actively promotes compliance with local actual conditions. The adaptive customs clearance supervision model allows policy dividends to benefit more market entities.

“Through the integrated reform of national customs clearance for market procurement trade, it can greatly shorten the time for enterprise customs clearance and reduce corporate logistics costs.” According to Wang Jun, Director of the Port Supervision Department of the General Administration of Customs, the market procurement trade method solves the problem of merchants’ The trade problem of “small, miscellaneous, many varieties” and no value-added tax invoices has effectively lowered the threshold of foreign trade, and the trial implementation of the national customs clearance integration of market procurement trade will allow more market operators to enjoy superimposed policy dividends.

Regarding the future trials of market procurement and trade methods, Wang Jun said that he will continue to deepen the reform of “delegation, management, and service” as much as possible, while actively using scientific and technological means, through data analysis, logistics monitoring and other means to continue Improve the effectiveness of supervision and create a good environment for the further standardized development of market procurement trade.

2021-08-05 Economic Daily Edition 08

Article source: General Administration of Customs

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