2018 Taimu Mountain Travel Notes-Team Strength

2018 Taima Mountain Travel Notes Dynamic Photo Album

Traveling alone is the fusion of oneself and nature. From nature, to know oneself, there is a kind of lonely beauty. And a group of people traveling together, in a team, discovering, perceiving, and being able to fully understand themselves is a lively beauty.
On the first day of Fuding, we came to the Jiulixi Grand Canyon. Everyone dressed in safety equipment. Under the guidance of the safety coach, we officially started the Jiulixi Grand Canyon team building tour! The team’s itinerary ranges from mountains to ocean currents, trickling into the ocean, which is also a symbol of our team’s strength!


Jiulixi Grand Canyon


We have carried out thirteen participatory and interesting canyon group building projects here, namely: Burma Bridge, Crossing the River by Pulling Boards, Flying Eaves and Walking on the Wall, Crossing the River with Cables, Hand in Hand, Going Forward, Luding Bridge, Landscape Chain bridge, zip-line, sway across the river, fly on the water, floating pile bridge, walk in the air!

Under the blue sky and white clouds, we admired the beautiful landscape of the Jiuli River Grand Canyon, experienced the feeling of crossing the ropeway and floating on the water, and some people had an intimate contact with the clear lake! We laughed and laughed all the way. Although it was difficult, we were united and brave enough to brave all challenges. I fully appreciate the infinite charm of team building activities, embodies the team spirit of “melting the team, surpassing oneself, and forging ahead”, which has brought everyone closer.



CS live action (laser)

After the leisure time, we had a unique “KMT and Communist” real-life CS battle, and a war filled with gunpowder resounded across the mountains. We are magnificent and charged for the victory of the team! The battle was very exciting. Through tactics such as hiding, ambushing, shooting, forward, backward, outflank, and roundabout, the “national army” finally won!



Butterfly Ecological Park

Then we came to the Butterfly Ecological Garden, which integrates butterfly breeding, viewing, and popular science education. In the garden, there are flowers, trees, lawns, flowing water rockery, and butterflies flying around. At the same time, I also learned how China’s first poverty alleviation village [Chixi Village] transformed from poverty out of poverty 30 years ago into a beautiful and well-off village.



Taima Mountain

On the second day we arrived at the World Geopark, National Scenic Area, National AAAAA Scenic Area, the most beautiful mountain on the coast of China, and the “Sea Fairy Capital”-Taimu Mountain. I watched the affectionate Husband and Wife Peak, and all challenged through the “five-step exercise” to observe the strange rocks in the mountains, mother and child peaks, golden cats and mice, golden tortoise climbing walls, Jiangjun rock, etc., stepping on the clouds to observe the sea The plank road overlooks the beautiful scenery in the distance, and has a panoramic view of all the beautiful scenery of Taimu Mountain!


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