2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Forum


On the afternoon of the 21st, all Zhongtai family members organized a “Mid-Autumn Symposium” under the leadership of Chairman Wu Taiyu.

With the continuous development of Zhongtai, many new youths have been added to our team. In the forum, everyone introduces themselves first, strives for quick and effective understanding, in order to promote development in the future work, the same as progress.



In the symposium, Chairman Wu Taiyu first shared the recent achievements of Zhongtai: For example, the “Zhenghe Port” comprehensive foreign trade service platform developed by Zhongtai Institute won the provincial pilot unit, and Zhongtai Import and Export Co., Ltd. won the Quanzhou Service Industry Enterprise Top 100 titles, etc. Next, I will talk about the projects that Zhongtai will lead everyone and various departments to complete, promote common development and creation, and realize corporate value and personal value. Let Zhongtai’s family members not only lay a solid foundation and survive within 8 hours of work, but also seek development outside of 8 hours of work.



During the dinner, every family member of Zhongtai participated in the sharing voluntarily-“On the future development of Zhongtai and personal professional development”. Everyone explained how to be better, more professional, and more effective in their jobs. Various departments have expressed their wonderful views on how to cooperate and advance together.



Of course, there is “chicken soup”, and the development mentioned above can only be realized steadily if it is turned into action.


How could the Mid-Autumn Festival, the “Reunion Festival” miss the reunion gift. Xiaohui.com, a subsidiary of Zhongtai Institution, has prepared high-quality free-range duck meat and pure milk from Xinjiang Xiyue for the Zhongtai family.



The “Chicken Soup for the Soul” is dry, go home and cook the duck soup, friends~


At the end of the three-day holiday, have you returned the motivated teenagers’ homes in minutes to the prototype? The above inspirational “duck soup”, let us recollect it, and then find the state of working hard before the vacation, for us Work hard in the second half of 2018~

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