Innocent time, “Zong” to enjoy joy

In the colorful and happy years, we will be a Zhongtai person who is different from “Zong” together! The curtain opened in June, and we ushered in the festival “June 1 Children’s Day” that is loved by friends of all ages and the commemorative traditional Chinese festival “Dragon Boat Festival”. During these festivals, Zhongtai people celebrated like this:
Your childhood, I am not absent
On “June 1 International Children’s Day”, our company has prepared a parent-child activity with the theme “Your childhood, I will not be absent” for the children of Zhongtai members. How to take care of family and children’s companionship and education in the workplace, I think it must be a problem for all professionals, especially women in the workplace. In the limited time to accompany children, to be “effective” and “efficient” companionship, but a “technical job” with gold content. People often think that as long as they become parents, they will naturally become parents. The fact is that every parent only really started this journey of learning after becoming a parent. Therefore, in the children’s festival of “6.1”, the company specially invited the children of members to participate in the parent-child activities of this organization, so that parents can accompany the children during the festival after work. The children prepared multiple surprises.
Sand table game for children

Children’s sand table

On the day of the event, Mr. Wu Taiyu, the general manager of our company, personally acted as a sandbox game escort. Through sandbox interaction, it can promote children’s intellectual development, enhance children’s creativity, establish an effective way of communication between children and their parents, and also help Parents understand the heart of their children, solve the problems encountered in the process of their children’s growth, and help corporate members to better understand, understand and understand their children. Loving a child starts with understanding him/her. This meticulous moment is a special company. The company of the parents to the children, and the silent wait for the members of the Zhongtai.

Children’s meeting

Of course, on Children’s Day, there are no small exquisite gifts. In the gift bag, we carefully attached a “Letter to the Children of Zhongtai People”:

A letter to the children of the Central Pacific
In addition to congratulating the children on the holiday, the content of the letter also thanked the children for their support and understanding of their parents’ work. We wish the children a happy childhood, and we are willing to work with the parents of the children to pay attention to their growth, their progress, their development, and their future. We also firmly believe that they will be able to become useful to society, to the motherland, and to the world in the future. At the same time, we also gave small holiday gifts to the “big friends” of the company. We are all members of the big family of Zhongtai, and we are all “children” of Zhongtai. I hope that on this Zhongtai platform, everyone can be like “children”, maintain innocence, maintain an enterprising attitude, grow together, and become the one who makes themselves and their children proud.
May 5th is Duanyang. Ai is in the door, and the fragrance is full. It’s May 5th a year again, and it’s another year for the fragrance of rice dumplings. Traditional Chinese festivals condense the spirit and emotions of the Chinese nation, and carry the cultural heritage and ideological essence of the Chinese nation. On this day, Zhongtai people commemorate this special holiday in their own unique way.

Hand-made Zongzi

On the day of the event, members of the Zhongtai team cooperated to complete the production of zongzi one by one. In the group fun competition of making zongzi, everyone went from “xiaobai” to successfully completed the finished zongzi. It was only after a wave of operations such as “cooperating with each other, maximizing strengths and avoiding shortcomings, and streamlining.” A perfect Ending with edges and corners. It’s not easy. You don’t want to taste the zongzi made by yourself. You can’t understand the taste of it… Let’s imagine it for yourself! This year’s Dragon Boat Festival, in addition to the traditional festival customs of making rice dumplings, a fun competition was added. Each department came up with a mini game, and completed each mini game by teaming up.
No matter where it is, we can see the spirit of unity, mutual assistance, health, and earnest play of the Zhongtai people. In the competition, we are really moving, let alone the winning team, but there are “100 million” red envelopes waiting!

At the end of the event, the company meticulously prepared a Dragon Boat Festival souvenir for the members. In addition to the Dragon Boat Festival dumplings (of course not including their own packs) and Xinjiang special milk, there is also an extremely delicate sachet.

(Dragon Boat Festival with souvenirs)

Legend has it that wearing sachets on Dragon Boat Festival not only means to avoid evil and exorcise plague, but also to embellish the front of the head, and it also means to keep fit. Taking the sachet as one of the festive souvenirs also implies the company’s best wishes to employees.
Children’s parent-child activities and Dragon Boat Festival activities are held not only to give everyone a sense of “ceremony” in the festival, but also hope that everyone can feel it. Zhongtai hopes that when you work hard for it, you will not forget it. It is also a way for you to let go. Strike, a solid backing. Over the years, Fujian Quanzhou Zhongtai Import and Export Co., Ltd. has formed a solid corporate culture in the course of forging ahead. It has cultivated the spirit and common philosophy of “Continuous self-improvement, sharing with colleagues, and happiness” as the corporate spirit and common philosophy. continue. Just like a big tree, Zhongtai continues to absorb sunlight and rain, without fear of wind and rain, growing continuously and working hard. Under this big tree, we choose good people to make friends, choose good books to read, choose good words to listen, and choose good deeds to follow. Following in the footsteps of Mr. Wu Taiyu, let us move towards a better future together, let us become better together!
Come on, Zhongtai people!

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