“Integration and win-win, forging ahead” China Pacific Organization’s May 1 Labor Day team building activity in 2021

May 1st group building activities of China Pacific Organization
In order to enhance team cohesion, sense of responsibility, exercise and enhance the comprehensive ability of employees, and show the spirit of Zhongtai people, when the “May 1st” is approaching, the Zhongtai organization organizes outstanding employees to carry out a series of “Welcome to May 1st” team building activities. Through this activity, every member of the Zhongtai family can relax their mood, relieve stress, adjust their body and mind, and at the same time promote the understanding and integration between employees, and enhance the internal collaboration and cohesion of the Zhongtai organization.

【Forge ahead】
On the morning of April 25th, the general manager Mr. Wu Taiyu led everyone to the company’s Taiwanese investment zone office and Chongwu headquarters. Here, the general manager gave a detailed account of the development history and latest development goals of Fujian Quanzhou Zhongtai Import & Export Co., Ltd. since its establishment.

(Branch: Taiwanese Investment Zone Office)

Everyone discussed their own career development plans, yearnings and expectations for the future. Over the years, Fujian Quanzhou Zhongtai Import and Export Co., Ltd. has formed a rich corporate culture in its forge ahead, and cultivated the spirit and common philosophy of “Continuous self-improvement, sharing with colleagues, and happiness” as the corporate spirit and common philosophy. continue.

(Chongwu Headquarters)

life is long so add oil! As long as you believe and persevere, no matter what your dream is, no matter how long the road is tortuous and far away, as long as it is the deep love of the soul, you will surely find your own stage!

[Lovely Chutai Man]
Life has more than just the immediate ambivalence, but also poetry and distance. Every employee of the Zhongtai organization is full of energy, and there is a spirit of reluctance in his bones. On the afternoon of April 25, the general manager led everyone to the destination of this event-Chongwu Wenhai Cultural and Creative Park.

During the free activities, everyone strolled in the beautiful scenery and enjoyed the infinite charm of the sea. With the sea breeze, the friends stopped to admire the beautiful scenery together from time to time, took photos together, and each small face outlined a beautiful picture.

【Teamwork, go hand in hand】
In the team building activities, “Peach Blossoms”, “Super Playing Cards”, “Blindfolded”, “Not Falling Down the Forest”, and “Instructor’s Talk” were organized mainly around teamwork and enhancing the communication and integration of employees. And many other game sessions are exciting and lively. Not only did everyone enjoy a wonderful happy time, but also fully demonstrated the spirit of Zhongtai people who are positive, daring to strive for the first, and forge ahead in unity.

In the laughter and laughter, the team building activity also came to a successful conclusion. In this activity, the friends further deepened the communication between emotions, enriched everyone’s amateur cultural life, enhanced the cohesion of the team, and cultivated the company’s harmonious and progressive company culture.

A cohesive team must be good at cooperation and cooperate with each other in cooperation to make progress and grow together! In the future work, we will not forget our original intention, and will always treat every customer of Zhongtai with the fullest enthusiasm, and give you the most considerate service!

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