The charm of brand power


Brand is a combination of product awareness, reputation and loyalty. Brand building is not overnight. In the process of manufacturing tangible or intangible products, companies yearn for brand building and are committed to building branded products. Only by focusing on the quality of products fundamentally, and arranging product operations and promotion from the overall thinking, can companies give The brand builds its image over time.

When a brand resonates and excites in your heart, it must be the brand culture that gives you the emotion that resonates with it. This is the most successful performance of brand building, and the effect of brand power is naturally self-evident.



Every city also has its own brand image, which is the business card of this city. When you see this “business card”, you may smile slightly, or stop talking, or be full of tears. In this business card, your story in this city must be hidden deep.



Hui’an, Hui’an girl, whenever I hear or see such words, I can feel that I am in my hometown at this moment. The sea breeze smells and smooth, the sea is boundless and vast, and the Hui’an people are sincere and open… .It seems to be in it, feeling the pulse of Hui’an.

As the world-famous “Stone Carving Capital of the World”, Hui’an has exquisite carving craftsmanship and a wide variety of stone carvings. It has a history of more than 1,600 years. It enjoys the reputation of “ingenious workmanship and unique in China” and is listed as a national intangible cultural heritage.



Stone carving master Chen Jianyi said, “Stone carving is a work of art that everyone likes. After getting along with it for a long time, you will be reluctant to let it go, and you will always miss it like you like a girl.”

If falling in love with stone sculptures is like falling in love with a girl, then there should not be many people who can refuse Hui’an, a passionate woman who is gentle and decent. The Jiangnan of the spring rain of apricot blossoms seems to not only moisten the soft intestines of the Hui’an people, but also infiltrate the Hui’an stone. Compared with the bold and majestic of the northern style carving art, the Hui’an stone carving embodies the graceful and exquisite southern style. The exquisite and festive stone lions, the vivid shadow sculptures, the pure and auspicious Guanyin statues, the ingenious dragon pillars… all show the exquisite and distinctive regional characteristics of Hui’an stone carving skills.



In terms of industry, Hui’an County has made every effort to promote industrial transformation and upgrading in recent years, focusing on guiding industrial development, encouraging the industry to implement diversified operations, technological innovation, in-depth promotion of city brand image and logo publicity, and continuously strengthening and shaping the city of Hui’an, the “World Stone Carving Capital” business card.

Hui’an stele is one of the main products for export of Hui’an carving art products. In 2019, the total output value of the county’s stone carving and stone industry exceeded 30 billion yuan. With its strong influence, the Hui’an stele is exported to Japan, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and more than 30 countries and regions.



The summer of 2020 is a period of strengthening Hui’an to shape the city’s business card. Through a series of publicity and promotion measures such as CCTV advertisements, media reports on the whole network, the establishment of overseas shopping malls and the launch of Google advertisements, the domestic and overseas sales of Hui’an carving industry have been once again promoted.


As the most credible and influential media platform in the country, CCTV is the highest-end and most authoritative media platform in the country. The product advertisements displayed must be responsible to consumers across the country. Product quality, company reputation and operation, and trademark legalization are all exceptional Critical review.

The Huian Stele advertising film broadcast on CCTV is not only the best testimony of the strength of the Hui’an Stele Industrial Base, but also strengthens the confidence of the Hui’an Stele to become a leading brand in the industry. It is believed that with the heavy launch of the Hui’an stele brand in CCTV advertising, the popularity of the Hui’an stele will be greatly improved, and it will help the development of the Hui’an stele production enterprise and lay a solid foundation for the next step of market development.



The road to branding is not accomplished overnight. After the strategic plan for branding is determined, one must settle down to do the basic things well, and gradually penetrate to “low”, for example, to “penetrate” into the sales terminal, step by step to let consumers be intimate. Feel the charm of the brand. Under the guidance of appropriate brand tactics, the company will safely “landing” various elements such as business philosophy and corporate culture, so that consumers can use the company’s product quality, promotional strategies, promotional materials, public relations advertising, the words and actions of shopping guides, and after-sales service Wait to recognize the brand, accept the brand and even be loyal to the brand, so as to truly exert the charm of brand power.

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