Support enterprise innovation, Customs helps patent technology products go abroad

Pictured: Customs officers carry out on-site assistance and guidance at export DHA powder and ARA powder production enterprises Li Haijuan/photograph

Recently, 80 kilograms of “docosahexaenoic acid (DHA unsaturated fatty acid)” and 20 kilograms of “eicosatetraenoic acid (ARA unsaturated fatty acid)” produced by Zhejiang Yuanda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. went abroad for the first time. This is the first domestic export of products produced using the newly developed patented nitrogen airtight drying technology. Looking back at the export of products, Chen Yongjun, Manager of the Administrative Department of Broad Biotech, praised Taizhou Customs again and again: “In June last year, we started to develop some new products and had export intentions, but we didn’t know anything about export procedures and filing procedures. Customs. Follow up at the first time and give careful guidance throughout the process to ensure the smooth export of products.”

In order to help enterprises realize the smooth export of products, the Taizhou Customs, affiliated to Hangzhou Customs, immediately organized a guidance and assistance team, and went to the enterprise many times to carry out on-site assistance and guidance, helping the enterprise to establish and improve the food safety and sanitation control centered on hazard analysis and preventive control measures. system. The assistance team inspected the company’s production workshops on site to understand the company’s personnel, environmental sanitation, production workshops and equipment, raw and auxiliary materials management, production process, finished product storage, product quality control management, traceability management, customer complaints, and recalls of substandard products to help The company has clarified the existing problems in the food safety and sanitation control system, and is problem-oriented, checking and filling vacancies item by item, further improving the control system, and improving the company’s food safety risk awareness and management level.

After the company declared the first batch of products, Taizhou Customs immediately organized supervisors to conduct on-site inspections of the company, and ensured that the products were exported with “zero delay” on the premise of passing the inspection. (Ding Wei/text)

Article source: General Administration of Customs

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