Fujian Quanzhou Zhongtai import and Export Co., Ltd. won the title of excellent foreign trade comprehensive service enterprise in 2019


The 2019 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference Annual Summit was successfully held in the banquet hall on the 3rd floor of Quanzhou R&F Wanda Wenhua Hotel on the afternoon of June 30, 2020. With the theme of “Innovation and Transformation, Stability and Long-term Development”, this annual economic conference will build a multi-party communication platform to create a good business environment that is conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship, and stimulate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial enthusiasm. New as the answer to the three major propositions of the times, and strive to catch up and surpass the tough ones! This year’s Quanzhou Economic Conference is organized by: Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau, Municipal Digital Office, Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Municipal Union of It is jointly sponsored by the Municipal Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Association, Quanzhou Evening News and other units.



The epidemic isolation life at the beginning of 2020 allowed us to experience the convenience brought to us by the colorful digital life. Perhaps everyone has already felt that the digitalization of the industry is undoubtedly an important support for the digital life in the future, and the process of industrial digitalization is forcing business models Diversified innovations must follow. What are the prospects for the digitalization of industries under the 2020 epidemic? This year’s economic conference invited Mr. Hu Haiping, vice chairman of China Innovation and Design Industry Alliance and chairman of the Mentor Board, to share the theme of “Industrial Digitalization Process under the Epidemic”, to help Quanzhou enterprises to take the digital express train.



The Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference has been held for 15 consecutive years. Due to the impact of the epidemic, this year’s annual summit has been adjusted in terms of time and scale. However, strict selection cannot be changed. This year’s summit unveiled ten lists of individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to Quanzhou’s economy in 2019. The ten lists are: Annual Economic Figure, Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Award, Annual Craftsman Spirit Enterprise Unit, Annual Top Ten High-growth Technology Enterprises, Annual Top Ten Arts and Crafts Masters, Annual Outstanding Spring belongs to the Chamber of Commerce in Other Places, and Annual Enterprise Optimization The top ten measures for the “most attained” business environment, the top ten service-oriented manufacturing companies of the year, the top ten “business cloud” benchmark companies of the year, and the annual outstanding foreign trade comprehensive service companies.

Quanzhou is a strong manufacturing city as well as a large foreign trade city. In order to accelerate the formation of Quanzhou’s new advantages in foreign trade competition and promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, the Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference 2019 newly established the “Quanzhou Excellent Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Enterprise”. After recommendations and screenings from all walks of life, 7 foreign trade comprehensive service companies in Quanzhou finally won this honor.



Zhenghe Port’s comprehensive foreign trade service platform created by Fujian Quanzhou Zhongtai Import and Export Co., Ltd. can provide small and medium-sized enterprises with professional, low-cost customs clearance, foreign exchange, tax rebates and supporting logistics and financial services. The information is complete and the fastest 3 Customs clearance service with minute clearance.

Zhenghe Port platform can realize export orders without repeated checking, the whole export process data is consistent, and the policy principle direction of the third phase of the alloy tax can be realized; it can realize the accumulation and precipitation of import and export information data, seamless docking of different staff, and control of each link , Traceable.



From the customer’s contract -> platform enterprise basic information entry and review -> import and export order data entry and review -> loading -> submission of customs declaration, commodity inspection -> foreign exchange collection -> invoice tax rebate -> settlement and other service procedures, The Zhenghe Port platform participates in the whole process of trade. With real trade data as the background, the foreign trade ecosystem created by the platform can escort the business of domestic and foreign buyers and sellers.



In addition, Zhenghe Port has also cooperated with five major banks in China to provide pure credit loan financial services based on the export data of Chinese suppliers. In terms of logistics, through the integration of shipping company and freight forwarding resources, Zhenghe Port provides small and medium-sized foreign trade companies with a safe and transparent FCL service.



Acceptance speech
[Zhongtai Agency] Provide import and export trade services, and won the honorary title of “2019 Excellent Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Enterprise”. As the chairman of Zhongtai, Wu Taiyu, on behalf of Zhongtai, is very grateful for the support and affirmation of the government and all walks of life! Thank you for the high trust and support of many customers who have been in the same boat with Zhongtai for more than ten years; at the same time, thank all colleagues of Zhongtai for their silent dedication and unremitting efforts!

Quanzhou is a hometown of overseas Chinese in the manufacturing industry and a major foreign trade city. Zhongtai has always worked hard to learn and innovate. It was awarded the first batch of “Management Innovation Demonstration Enterprises” in Quanzhou in 2013. In the growth of import and export services, what needs to be learned is also There are many, many.
Under the current special market situation of the epidemic, China Pacific will continue to work hard to serve more enterprises in Quanzhou, and simultaneously upgrade and innovate the business model of service trade, and also provide more professional services to match the needs of Quanzhou enterprises’ import and export trade.

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