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If people have no dreams, they are like salted fish. However, in today’s society, it is difficult to realize their dreams, so too many people have to choose to live a “salted fish” life. It’s not that I never dreamed, but I didn’t dare to think about it. In ordinary but busy days, from trying to compromise, to slowly losing consciousness. We are still running, there is no stagnation, but the dream is still in place, or has drifted away.

When the world is quiet, in the silent night, in your little world, can you still hear the long-lost, dreams that touch your heart?


I think: we are roughly the same.


Making yourself better is the biggest source of motivation


    I really want to ask, and also ask myself. Not because of relatives, not because of children, not because of anything, but only because of yourself, happy for yourself, proud of yourself, gently raised the corner of your mouth, when was the most recent time? Can you remember it?


    As a Chinese, one of the things that people can be very proud of is the Chinese outlook on the family and the sense of family responsibility. This is one of the main motivations for us to continue to strive for progress. This may not be wrong, it makes us walk meaningful, but it is easy to lose ourselves. I am not advocating that we have to be ourselves willful, abandon the concept of family, and want the so-called “freedom”, but we still work hard, but not use other factors to increase our mental pressure or so-called motivation. It is to make yourself better, which is the biggest source of motivation. When we do it ourselves, your family will definitely feel the power you deliver. The power of example is not enough words, but to implement and act in reality.

Dream · Need a pair of wings


      Of course, to realize the dream, it is not enough to rely on one’s own blood. Dreams need a pair of wings and a platform. “One person cannot do a team, a team cannot do a system, and a system cannot do a trend”; “A person can go fast, but a group of people can go further.” Such “the most famous sayings” seem to be seen and heard everywhere.



Various “entrepreneurial thinking” and entrepreneurial inspirational stories linger in your ears. Entrepreneurship is constantly being activated. Everyone has entrepreneurial ideas. There are many opportunities and platforms everywhere. Weakly ask, how much rationality and sensibility must be maintained to choose opportunities and platforms that suit your current situation and match your dreams? And it may have to jump out of our original circle and start a whole new journey. We need to learn again, change our original working mode, and establish new relationships. The “difficulty” here can only be felt through experience. And whether it will ultimately be the change and development you imagine, it is unknown.

If you are not careful about the above, you are also the “one of” mentioned, then please follow me carefully and look down, maybe there is a “good opportunity” you are looking for.



Zhongtai · Future Development Trend

The world is changing, and the only constant is “change.”


    The enterprise is developing, and it is not allowed to stand still for a moment. It needs to continuously transform and upgrade according to its own development rhythm. The average life span of Chinese SMEs is about 3 years. Since the establishment of Zhongtai in 2000, we have been grateful for the support of people from all walks of life, and grateful for your efforts to grow together with the Chinese Pacific and progress with you. We have gone through the 18 years of Zhongtai together, and we will welcome the next 18 years.


    On November 21, 2018, under the chairmanship of Chairman Wu Taiyu, the management of Zhongtai Group held a “meeting” in the small meeting room of Zhongtai Quanzhou Operation Center. The theme of the conference is: the future development trend of China Pacific.

Chairman Wu Taiyu described how he managed Zhongtai over the past 18 years. I once heard him say that Zhongtai is like his “child”. He integrates work into life and life into work. Pay attention to the progress and growth of Zhongtai from every detail, and think about the development and direction of Zhongtai from the overall perspective. He said: There must be reasons for success, and there must be reasons for unsuccess. The colleagues of Zhongtai also witnessed Chairman Wu’s “18 years as a day”, diligent and sincere to others, doing what he said and saying what he did. “Continuously striving for self-improvement, sharing with colleagues, happy and promising” Chairman Wu repeatedly emphasized at the meeting, which is also the common philosophy of all of us in Zhongtai. He also said many times at the meeting: “Look at me!”. This is a very powerful force. As people grow older, they will modify their language and mood. There are only a handful of people who can be magnanimous. “Look at me!” He is so dignified. He is like a banner of Zhongtai, standing in the hearts of everyone in Zhongtai.


The nobles in life are often unknowingly changing and affecting our lives


    We all hope to encounter noble people everywhere in our lives. I think that noble people in life are a benchmark and role model for our lives and careers. He can be our guide and guide. Let us discover our potential, we have the ability to become better. Finally let us have the courage to realize our ideas and dreams.

Chairman Wu Taiyu is the guide of Zhongtai and the guide of every Zhongtai family.


    His big picture of business operation thinking leads Zhongtai and Zhongtai’s family on a positive path, and he firmly tells everyone that this positive path will not be biased, and we will be at the forefront of the industry.


Looking for “China Pacific Partners”


In the 18 years of Zhongtai, you will be with you, and Zhongtai will be brilliant with you in the next 18 years.


    During the 18 years of Zhongtai, it has been based on building a platform and assisted by projects. The platform is the skeleton and context of Zhongtai. To make the bones grow stronger, the Central Pacific will implement a “partnership” system for each project. China Pacific Investment, you operate. Every Zhongtai person is not only a Zhongtai employee, but also a Zhongtai partner! The entrepreneurial risk of this “China Pacific partner” is also too low, and the entrepreneurial profit sharing still accounts for the “largest”. It is to let you go lightly and show your attitude, passion and ability. Don’t hesitate, go all out!


The innovation of this system will be the beginning of another “new 18” year for China Pacific. I also look forward to the next level of Zhongtai. Hope, there are you on that step, Zhongtai people!

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