Zhongtai Organization business etiquette training

On July 14, 2018, a etiquette training was held at the Zhongtai-organization Quanzhou Operation Center.Zhong Too’s family members, received a “baptism” on the etiquette.



Once read a report, said: 70% of people feel happy at work.I think work is more than just a job to make a living. It gives people a head start in life, a direction for progress and a driving force. It enables me to constantly experience and grow in my role, gradually improve my value and affirm my value.When work makes us more and more confident, and we find a sense of achievement from it, then this kind of happiness, I believe, will be transferred to our life state, to the family and friends around us, this is an invisible super added value.



The above mentioned happiness at work, it is very important to rely on a positive work environment.It is not only the external comfortable working conditions, but also the opportunity and platform for the staff to grow up. It is not only the learning and improvement of working skills, but also the all-round consideration for the staff to improve their comprehensive quality and personal self-cultivation, so that the staff can continuously add more points to themselves, which is the private wealth that no one can take away.



Mr. Wu Taiyu, chairman of Zhongtai Organization, Shared his topic of “wisdom from birth” in a working meeting, and believed that this wisdom originated from Chinese etiquette should be felt and understood by every Chinese and Pacific family member, which is also part of The Chinese and Pacific culture.Decided to hold a etiquette study.



On July 14, 2018, Zhongtai organizations invited Mr. Hong, an international senior etiquette trainer, to give etiquette training to cTIC families.China is a land of ceremonies.Confucius once said, “If a person is rude, he will not stand. If a person is rude, he will not stand. If the country is rude, he will be restless.Courtesy: Respect.Salute person, respect person also!


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