Xiamen Regulatory Bureau of the Ministry of Finance: “Five Adherences and Five Highlights” Promoting Theme Education with High Standards and Quality

May 31, 2023 Source: Xiamen Regulatory Bureau of the Ministry of Finance

1、 Adhere to systematic planning, highlight the connection between top and bottom, and promote the compaction of main responsibilities

One is to attach great importance and strengthen organizational leadership. Improve the political position, place thematic education as a major political task at present and in the future, adhere to the principle of “focusing on major issues” and “focusing on major issues early”, establish a thematic educational leadership leading group of Xiamen Regulatory Bureau, with the Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Bureau as the group leader, perform the responsibility of the first responsible person, set up a leading group office and transfer backbone forces to form a special working class, and learn to communicate the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Finance In accordance with the spirit of relevant meetings and documents in Fujian Province and Xiamen City, a cadre conference was quickly convened to mobilize and deploy theme education, and to quickly and effectively promote the in-depth development of theme education. The second is to carefully plan and strengthen deployment arrangements. The Party Group of the Bureau has studied and formulated the “Implementation Plan for Theme Education of the Xiamen Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Finance”, closely following the actual situation of the Xiamen Supervision Bureau. It has made overall planning and deployment arrangements for theme education from theoretical learning, investigation and research, promotion of development, inspection and rectification, and establishment of regulations and systems. It has implemented a list based task closed-loop management, and developed a “task book” and “construction drawing” for the solid and in-depth development of theme education. The third is to conduct it layer by layer and strengthen the implementation of responsibilities. Build a “three cascade grasp” model with the overall leadership of the bureau’s party group, the supervision of the leadership group office, and the specific implementation of the party branch, to ensure the comprehensive implementation, full process tracking, and full coverage and participation of theme education. Actively contact the Theme educational leadership Office of the Ministry of Finance and the 15th Tour Steering Group, submit a request for approval of the implementation plan, speech materials, etc., invite to participate in important meetings and activities, timely report work progress and actively accept supervision and guidance.

2、 Adhere to deep learning and thorough understanding, highlight comprehensive linkage, and promote theoretical learning into the mind and heart

We will focus on the “four learning linkage” model of theoretical learning, which includes leading the leadership team to lead the learning, supervising the learning of government party committees, deepening the learning of party branches, and self-learning of party members and cadres. We will enrich the learning forms in multiple dimensions and enhance the effectiveness of learning at multiple levels. One is “leading learning+self-learning”, comprehensively driving. The party group of the bureau fully utilizes the exemplary role of the head goose, and formulates a thematic education and learning plan by combining point and face to face. Six collective learning sessions are held to deeply study and study designated learning books, serving as a demonstration and example in understanding the essence and essence of the essence; Elaborate a 10 day study schedule for reading classes, organize personnel in batches to participate in the centralized training of department level cadres of the Ministry of Finance to learn and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and use the “key minority” demonstration to lead the “vast majority” to follow up on self-learning, forming a warm atmosphere of full coverage learning under the above rate. The second is to “research+joint learning”, promoting deep understanding. Each party branch conducted 16 centralized research and learning sessions using the “Three Meetings and One Lesson” and themed party days, strengthening the ability to read the original work in its original form and comprehend the principles word by word. Collaborate with the Xiamen Finance Bureau to organize party members and comrades to board the “Learning Number” passenger ship, empowering immersive experiential learning through cutting-edge technologies such as VR and AR, and making theoretical learning “live”. Jointly with the Xiamen Securities Regulatory Bureau, we will hold a book sharing conference and work exchange conference on “Learning, Thinking, Practicing, and Realizing New Ideas, Youth, and Achieving Merit in the New Era”, actively building a platform for young comrades to learn and promote each other, exchange and jointly build, and enable theoretical learning to be “enlightened”. The third is to “inspect and practice learning” to improve effectiveness. Innovatively carry out a monthly knowledge competition activity of “Learning Ideas, Strengthening Party Spirit, Emphasizing Practice, and Building New Achievements”, to stimulate learning enthusiasm through “competition” and test learning results through “competition”.

3、 Persist in seeking truth and pragmatism, highlight suggestions and suggestions, and promote the implementation of investigation and research in detail

One is to strictly enforce the research mechanism. On the second day of the mobilization and deployment meeting of the Party Group of the Ministry of Finance, a Daxing Investigation and Research Mobilization and Deployment Meeting was immediately held to accurately grasp the practical requirements and work priorities of the investigation and research, comprehensively benchmark and benchmark the key content determined by the Party Group of the Ministry of Finance. The Party Group of the Bureau studied and formulated a research plan and clarified key research topics, forming a multi-level and multi-dimensional research work mechanism led by Party members, with department heads taking the lead, and young backbone attacking, Implement a “list based management” of problem lists, responsibility lists, and task lists for the problems found in the survey, striving to make the survey and research a common practice and achieve practical results in the Xiamen Regulatory Bureau. The second is to focus on precise topic selection. Fully leveraging the advantages of “on-site” and “nearby”, focusing on the implementation of major central financial and tax policies, livelihood policies, promoting cross-strait integration and development, and Xiamen’s economic and social development, closely combining with the responsibilities and key tasks of financial supervision work, organizing multiple rounds of discussions around the exploration and practice of the financial and accounting supervision system, the management of non-tax income, and the strengthening of the construction of the housing security system, carefully determining the research theme, and formulating research plans one by one, Point out the direction and lay the foundation for forming a batch of valuable, weighty, and effective research results. The third is to deeply grasp the progress of progress. The members of the bureau’s party group conducted 13 on-site investigations in units such as the Housing Bureau, Construction Bureau, Maritime Police Bureau, and Education Bureau through the “four no two direct” approach; Two key research groups carefully designed questionnaires around the research focus, and distributed a total of 86 collected survey questionnaires to budget units, enterprises, and financial institutions; Other research groups actively carry out data collection, statistical analysis, and first-hand materials for deepening research. While keeping up with the progress, pay attention to enriching research methods. Exploring the establishment of a regulatory liaison system, establishing regular contact mechanisms with industry associations such as the Taiwan Merchants Association and the Listed Company Association, utilizing the opportunity of service representative committee members to collect feedback and work suggestions, and focusing on real research, research, and problem-solving.

4、 Adhere to problem oriented approach, highlight both root causes and root causes, and promote inspection, rectification, deepening, and implementation

One is the severity of the inspection problem. Adhere to learning, comparing, inspecting, and rectifying while closely connecting with the ideological and practical work of party members and cadres, systematically sort out the problems and shortcomings of Xiamen Regulatory Bureau by comparing six prominent issues, benchmark the good experience and practices of advanced regulatory bureaus, and comprehensively review the problems in combination with cadre education and rectification. Summarize and form a problem list and dynamically update it. Secondly, there is a depth of problem rectification. A total of 16 rectification measures have been formulated for the identified problems one by one. The lead person and responsible department for the rectification tasks have been identified, and the wall chart operation and reverse schedule have been implemented through ledger management and project-based promotion. We have been closely monitoring and grasping to the end, coordinating and promoting the simultaneous improvement of new and old problems, ensuring that everything is explained, each item is implemented, and everything is responded to. By solving specific problems, we can drive the improvement of surface work. Thirdly, there is a strong emphasis on establishing regulations and systems. Adhering to the combination of “current reform” and “long-term establishment”, we will continue to do a good job in abolishing, modifying, and establishing rules and regulations. We have revised and issued the “Xiamen Regulatory Bureau Party Group Theory Learning Center Group Learning Rules”; Immediate rectification measures will be taken to address the discovered issues of imperfect systems, and efforts will be made to study and revise relevant management systems as soon as possible; Following the new business situation and requirements of the Financial Supervision Center, in response to the identified new risk points of clean governance, the “Xiamen Supervision Bureau Internal Control Operating Regulations” have been revised and improved, effectively “using systems to manage people and processes to manage affairs”, and continuously improving the institutionalization, standardization, and scientization level of comprehensive management.

5、 Adhere to the principle of focusing on practical work, highlight the main responsibility and business, and promote the development of the cause with practical results

Strive to promote the high-quality development of financial supervision. One is to strengthen the full chain supervision of local financial operations. We will closely grasp the mid stage of financial supervision, comprehensively grasp the situation of grassroots finance from both revenue and expenditure aspects, deeply carry out a “three-dimensional portrait” of the operation of district level finance, timely identify risks and issues in financial operation, provide targeted opinions and suggestions, effectively build a full chain of supervision system, and promote high-quality development of Xiamen’s economy and society; Adhere to the bottom line of local debt risk, maintain a high-pressure regulatory situation, strengthen monthly analysis of bond expenditures, and promote the establishment of a healthy and compliant government investment and financing mechanism. The second is to strengthen the full cycle supervision of central budget units. Strengthen the closed-loop supervision of the central department’s budget throughout the entire cycle, with the implementation of special actions for budget execution supervision as the starting point. By combining online monitoring and offline verification, the risk warning list is regularly reported, and a long-term warning mechanism for blocking loopholes and preventing diseases is gradually established. Conduct final account review through investigation, promotion, and action to enhance the effectiveness of departmental budget closed-loop supervision. The third is to strengthen the supervision of all elements of finance and accounting. Implement the requirements of the “Opinions on Further Strengthening Financial and Accounting Supervision Work”, focus on 39 specific tasks in three key areas, and carry out special actions on financial and accounting supervision in depth. Strengthen horizontal and vertical linkage among multiple departments, establish a financial and accounting supervision cooperation mechanism with Xiamen Securities Regulatory Bureau and other units, and form a joint supervision force; Improve information technology construction, innovate work methods, strengthen daily monitoring and analysis, accurately target abnormal indicators, and improve the on-site supervision efficiency of the financial supervision team. By taking the prevention of fiscal and financial risks as the starting point, we will explore a three-dimensional financial supervision model and effectively improve the effectiveness of financial supervision.

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