2020 Zhongtai Institutional Family Celebrating the New Year



This year’s annual meeting is different from previous years. Xiaonianfan makes dumplings and hot pot. “Dumpling” means “Geng Sui Jiao Zi”, “Zi” means “Zi Shi”, which is a homophony of “Dumpling”, meaning “Happy Reunion” and “Auspicious Ruyi”, and it is also an act of “making dumplings” , It means that in 2020, the Tai family will be more united, work together, move forward together, and achieve our beautiful life goals.



Everyone makes colorful dough, rolls the skin, and makes dumplings together, but it is very “smoky” and feels like home…



When I was young, I grew up and grew up, and I yearned and couldn’t wait.

When I was young, it seemed that it took a long time to wait for the New Year.

After growing up, year after year is fast.

After adulthood, are we really “adults”?


I think that growth must be continuous. At different stages, we will encounter some things that we need to accept and absorb. Through these things, we may bump and bump; there may be times when we think we can’t walk; we may fall somersaults, and the light ones will suffer a bit of skin. The suffering, the heavy, the heavy heart;


of course. Through the accumulated knowledge, wisdom, continuously improved emotional intelligence, and continuously strengthened communication skills, you can smoothly deal with the current problems, whether it is life or work. And this process of processing is another year of growth and harvest. Whether it is a fall or the past, it is a heavy harvest this year.


2019 is a very meaningful year for China. The 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the changes that have taken place in China over the past 70 years are amazing. As a Chinese, when I speak of the word “China”, I feel proud and proud.


2019 is also a special year for Zhongtai. The two major events encountered by the Zhongtai organization in 2019 allowed all Zhongtai people to work overtime voluntarily and without complaint. Every bit of the contribution of Zhongtai’s family members is seen by the heads of Zhongtai. Keep it in mind.



At the 2020 annual meeting, Chairman Wu Taiyu, the parent of Zhongda University, shared what we encountered in 2019. Through the joint efforts of everyone, we passed smoothly. At the same time, it also summarized what we have gained in 2019? The words and sentences are the feelings of the heart, because this is the experience of each of our Zhongtai family members. Therefore, we have the same feelings and experiences. Only experience can have experience, and only the right experience can make us grow and get better and better.



Just like one of Zhongtai’s corporate culture concept: “The Big Tree Theory”. The five conditions for becoming a big tree are sunshine, long time, immobility, and rooting. These five conditions are indispensable. We want to become a towering tree, a member who can contribute to society and our family. How can we become a talented person without wind and rain or heat, how can we protect our loved ones? Only by working hard and looking bright can we steadily realize what we want.



Work must be united and forge ahead, life must be tasteful, and the New Year’s Eve dinner must be in full swing. Sing the songs of the morning meeting on weekdays, sing the poems of “Youth”, play the mini games, and everyone works together to wrap the dumplings, cook the hot pot, and paste the Spring Festival couplets. Round.


During the New Year’s Eve dinner, the parents of Zhongtai and Taipa also affirmed and commended all Zhongtai’s family members who have been serious, dedicated and hardworking in 2019. Every effort of yours will not be ignored. In 2020, we will continue to share the glory.


The warm winter is just because of you, Zhongtai.

Because of being a member of Zhongtai, I feel warm and proud.

I pray that all the Zhongtai family who are loved and well-being will have a better tomorrow!


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