Get through the “last mile” of export tax rebate policy

Under multiple factors such as repeated global epidemics and turmoil in the international financial market, export companies, especially small and micro enterprises, have actual foreign exchange risks. Foreign exchange collection is an important voucher for obtaining tax rebates. If foreign exchange cannot be collected in time, export tax rebates cannot be obtained, which affects the company’s capital chain. How to get through the “last mile” of the export tax rebate policy and help export companies to stabilize the basic market?


A hardware company in Ningbo was recently owed a payment due to a Middle Eastern buyer who was caught in business difficulties during the epidemic. Chen Zhi, business manager of Ningbo Qingli Hardware Products Co., Ltd., said: They encountered a Middle Eastern customer who defaulted on the payment of 80,000 US dollars.

If you can’t get the payment, you can’t apply for export tax rebate normally. For small foreign trade companies, the impact is not big. The person in charge of another enterprise that produces fasteners said: The recent bad export debt of 75,000 US dollars made him very angry.

Zhao Jie, the person in charge of Zhejiang Ningbo Zhenhai Hualong Fastener Co., Ltd.: If you cannot receive the payment in time, you may not enjoy the export tax rebate, but you will have to pay the tax. In this way, let us export small and micro enterprises. The cash flow is even harder.

How to help small and micro enterprises solve practical problems and get through the last mile of export tax rebates? Taking advantage of the policy advantage as a comprehensive national insurance innovation pilot zone, the local taxation department, the commerce department, and the export credit insurance company jointly established a service alliance for small and micro export enterprises, and innovatively launched the “credit insurance claim settlement as foreign exchange collection” preferential enterprise measures . The export credit insurance company investigates and reviews the foreign business involved in the insurance order, pays a certain percentage of the purchase price first, and then the tax department reviews the relevant tax refund information as evidence of “deemed foreign exchange collection” to participate in export tax refund.

Shao Jiaying, Import and Export Tax Management Section, Taxation Bureau of Zhenhai District, State Administration of Taxation: Small, medium and micro enterprises will not affect tax refund applications due to bad foreign exchange debts, reducing the financial pressure of enterprises.

This year, the shipping costs of foreign trade exports have risen, and the pressure on foreign trade companies to withdraw funds has increased. In Linzi, Shandong, the taxation department opened up green approval channels for export tax rebate companies and set up service specialists.

Su Tingting, deputy director of the Taxation Service Center of the Taxation Bureau of Linzi District, Zibo City, State Administration of Taxation: We actively strengthen the linkage of tax (service) (state) treasury, communicate and coordinate with the People’s Bank of China in the first time, share tax refund information in real time, and will The time was compressed to the shortest time, and the “last mile” of the tax refund was opened up.

This trading company engaged in the sale of chemical products and raw materials received an export tax rebate of RMB 1.34 million within one day.

Wang Zhenzhen, General Manager of Shandong Heavy Duan International Trading Co., Ltd.: After submitting the information in the morning, the funds (tax refund) were in place in the afternoon, and we did not expect it to be so fast. We will seize the time and use the funds to solve the problems of materials and materials as soon as possible.

A series of policies and measures to stabilize foreign trade are taking effect. According to statistics released by the General Administration of Customs, in the first half of this year, the total value of my country’s import and export of goods trade was 18.07 trillion yuan, an increase of 27.1% over the same period last year. It has achieved positive year-on-year growth for 13 consecutive months, and the steady growth of foreign trade has been further consolidated.

Article source: CCTV News Client

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