Recalling the tragic years and inheriting the revolutionary spirit

In order to warmly celebrate the August 1st Army Day in 2021, we praised the great achievements made by the People’s Liberation Army to the great motherland and people, praised the Great Steel Wall built by the People’s Liberation Army with flesh and blood to defend the motherland, and demonstrated the unity and activeness of the People’s Liberation Army during the years of participation. , Upward mental outlook, overall quality and teamwork ability. At the same time, in order to increase the festive atmosphere of our company, activate the cultural life of employees, and carry forward and inherit the revolutionary spirit of the older generation, Fujian Quanzhou Zhongtai Import and Export Co., Ltd. will launch the “August 1st” army establishment on July 31, 2021. Festival theme series activities.

Under the leadership of the company’s chairman Mr. Wu Taiyu, all the employees of Zhongtai came to the “Quanzhou 1977 Air-raid Shelter (Jingshan Cultural and Creative Park)” at the foot of Qingyuan Mountain. They walked and learned while interacting, and entered that period in an immersive way. Over the years, I have personally experienced the glorious journey cast by sweat.

On the evening of July 25, 2021, my country’s World Heritage nomination project “Quanzhou: Song and Yuan China’s World Maritime Trade Center” successfully passed the review of the 44th UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting and was successfully included in the World Heritage List. Quanzhou’s 20-year heritage application road has finally succeeded, which is the pride of all of us in southern Fujian. The Maritime Silk Cultural Feature Exhibition Hall shows everyone the splendid civilization of an era with its rich connotations.

The military culture area and the air-raid shelter memory area show us many war periods from the Westernization Movement to the Revolution of 1911, the War of Resistance against Japan, and the War of Liberation. They reviewed the history of the revolution, paid homage to the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, and understood the spirit and true meaning of the ancestors. .

Jingshan Academy was built in the Ming Dynasty. It was originally the Houmao Civil Air Defense Administration Office of Quanzhou City. He Qiaoyuan, a historian of the Ming Dynasty, built an academy at the foot of the mountain. In his later years, he wrote books and lectures here. The Jingshan Academy is centered on Quanzhou culture and reflects the characteristics of southern Fujian. It uses red bricks and oyster shells as building materials to make the walls in the scenic spots of’cutting the wall and borrowing light’; at the same time, the ground in the academy adopts the method of’extracting bricks into stones’ in southern Fujian. layout.

Through a day of study and visit activities, we can deeply realize that the current happy life is hard-won, relying on countless revolutionary martyrs’ incomparable loyalty to the party’s cause, and relying on countless revolutionary martyrs who are not afraid of bloodshed and sacrifice and dare to win victory. We must also learn from our revolutionary ancestors, and implement this firm ideal and belief of loyalty, fear of difficulties, and the courage to persist in our work and life, and constantly push ourselves forward and become a better ourselves!

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