Take stock of the new changes in the Corresponding Catalogue of Names and Commodity Numbers of Customs Inspection and Quarantine of Special Goods

        In order to ensure the security of China biological, further strengthen the regulation of entry and exit health quarantine on special goods, the customs general administration issued a “special goods name and article number corresponding to the customs, inspection and quarantine list”, comb to update the name of the inspection and quarantine, inspection and quarantine of special goods coding, HS commodity name and HS commodity number four corresponding relation, Covering 63 commodity numbers and 195 inspection and quarantine codes.

        Inspection and quarantine code is to meet the customs inspection and quarantine supervision requirements of the commodity number refinement; The name of inspection and quarantine corresponding to the inspection and quarantine code is classified and extended on the basis of the corresponding commodity name. When declaring entry and exit special goods, they should first be classified into the correct commodity number, and then into the correct inspection and quarantine code according to the composition and use. If the declaration is wrong, it may violate laws and regulations or affect the efficiency of customs clearance.

        The following is a key explanation of the adjustment in the catalogue, so as to correctly declare the import and export.

I. Cell therapy products and cell cultures

        New cell therapy products (code 3002.5100) refer to cellular materials modified by cell manipulation for injection, transplantation or implantation into patients. Derivatives including stem cells and stem cells (such as ectomesenchymal, embryos from blood, or umbilical cord blood of the above products), cancer vaccines and immunotherapy products (such as dendritic cell vaccine, activation of T and B lymphocytes, monocytes, modified or unmodified version of the cancer cells), allograft islet cells, used in cartilage repair of cartilage cells, cutin formation, etc.

        New cell cultures (grouped under HS code 3002.5900) are cells grown under controlled conditions, usually outside their natural environment. Human cell lines and cell lines commonly used in medical and life science research and production belong to this category.

II. Placebo and blinding kits

        Added “Placebo and Blind (double blind) Clinical Trial Kit, used in licensed clinical Trials, assigned dose” (HS CODE 3006.9300). Placebos mimic drugs in appearance and are used in licensed clinical trials. They usually consist of the ingredients of the drug under study, the vaccine, removed the active ingredient, and are safe for humans. Blind or double-blind clinical kits (i.e., investigational drug kits) are used only in licensed clinically blind forensic trials, including investigational drug, associated placebo, or both. Licensed clinical trials are those that meet all relevant regulatory requirements of the importing country (region) regarding the import of investigational products for clinical trials, in which case those previously classified by actual placebo composition or by corresponding drug are now classified by this commodity number.

III. Diagnostic kit

        Diagnostic kits may be classified under tax heading 30.06 or 38.22 depending on their use for in vivo or in vitro diagnosis. The diagnostic reagents used for patients referred to in commodity code 3006.3000 are oral, injectable and other internal diagnostic reagents. The reagents used for blood type identification referred to in commodity code 3822.1300 shall be used directly for blood type testing to determine blood type based on the characteristics of blood cells or serum, such as determining A/B/O blood type, HLA antigen.

        Diagnostic kits based on reactions such as agglutination, precipitation, neutralization, complement binding, blood agglutination, and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) are included in 38.22 and no longer in 30.02. For example: hepatitis B antigen diagnostic kit, because the kit contains antibody components, diagnosis principle involves antigen antibody combination, used to belong to 3002.1500, now should belong to 3822.1900, commodity number is 38221900.90, inspection and quarantine code should be 38221900.90.401.

IV. Novel Coronavirus tests and vaccines

        In order to highlight the concern of certain infectious diseases and facilitate customs statistics, the serial numbers of diagnostic kits and vaccines for certain infectious diseases are listed separately. For example, the serial number of malaria diagnostic kits is 3822.1100. Kit for Zika virus and other diseases transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, trade code 3822.1200; The serial number of the COVID-19 test kit is 38221900.20; Novel Coronavirus vaccines are classified in commodity numbers 30024100.11 and 30024100.19 respectively, depending on whether the dose is assigned.

        The above related commodities shall be classified into these commodity numbers with specific listing names, and then classified into the corresponding inspection and quarantine codes according to their uses.

V. Certified standard sample

        The certified standard sample shall be added to the new commodity code 3822.9000, which refers to the reference used for the calibration of instruments, evaluation of measurement methods or material assignment. These reference objects must be accompanied by the verification value indicating the attribute, the method of determining the verification value, the reliability of each verification value and the verification certificate of the verification institution. If this commodity number is included, the above criteria shall be strictly checked.

        For entry and exit special goods not included in the List, declaration shall be made in accordance with the requirements of the Specification for filling the Declaration Form of Import and Export Goods of the Customs of the People’s Republic of China. If the goods belong to special goods according to the relevant definitions in the Regulations on The Administration of Entry and Exit Health Quarantine on Special Goods, they shall obtain the approval form for health quarantine on special goods issued by the Customs before exit or entry.

Article source:The customs release

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