【Record of Representative Members】Wu Taiyu: Paying attention to the development of stone carving industry and improving economic efficiency



As an entrepreneur, he has always adhered to the purpose and philosophy of doing business with integrity, actively integrated into national strategies such as the “Belt and Road”, integrated into the development of emerging markets and multilateral trade, and won the market; as a member of the CPPCC, he has always been full His enthusiasm and strong sense of responsibility perform the duties of a committee member. He is the member of the 14th CPPCC of the county-Wu Taiyu.



Quanzhou Zhongtai Import and Export Co., Ltd. uses import and export trade services as a platform and combines high-quality resources at home and abroad. While providing diversified service items, it also drives service quality with innovation. It uses the combination of network and import and export to integrate multiple resources for the enterprise Seek greater development. It is also the innovative exploration in the business operation that gave Wu Taiyu more opportunities to investigate the transformation models of characteristic industries in various regions and how to achieve the combination of industrial transformation and economic development.



[Wu Taiyu, member of the 14th CPPCC of Hui’an County] “I have also traveled through several different industries across the country during the year. For example, how did the optoelectronic industry transform? For example, how did the valve transform? How did some leading products turn, combined with the fact that we have been carving art in Hui’an for decades and hundreds of years, I am looking at it. There must be a lot of room to dig.”


Stone carving is a traditional industry in our county, but with the continuous development of the economy and the increasing pressure of competition, how to transform and upgrade the stone carving industry is a topic that has been explored in the industry and abroad. Wu Taiyu combined his own experience in enterprise innovation and development. Chemical cooperation may become an important direction to promote the transformation and upgrading of the stone carving industry. Therefore, during the “two sessions” this year, he is going to put forward corresponding proposals.



[Wu Taiyu, member of the 14th CPPCC of Hui’an County] “This year, I will mainly focus on our stone carving industry in Hui’an. This carving art should obviously have reached a development bottleneck, or even a turning point in the era. If we can use platform-based methods , To promote these masters and manufacturers to unite together, then our economy can once again emerge in this industry, I think it will be better. I think this industry should have a lot of room to create. This year’s proposal will focus on this Do a deep dive.”


Combining the actual situation of our county, in-depth investigation, and active attitude towards fulfilling responsibilities, Wu Taiyu’s proposal has great feasibility. It is understood that Wu Taiyu’s proposal in previous years “Recommendations on Strengthening Female Family Role Awareness and Inheritance Education to Promote the Construction of Happiness and Hui’an” “Recommendations on the construction of a DIY street for food and souvenirs in Xishawan” were selected and implemented.


[Wu Taiyu, member of the 14th CPPCC of Hui’an County] “Last year’s proposal was aimed at our Hui’an tourist handicrafts DIY street. I am quite satisfied with the implementation of this proposal for the entire government. But I think that this area is small and small. In terms of beauty and fast-paced, if this area can be reflected more accurately, the effect may be better. It should be said that if everyone can participate in the tourism construction of Hui’an, this matter will be better. Only one, a few One, or a few companies, I think it’s not enough. Let’s say Huianmei together, it will be better.”



Reporter: Xu Huangkun, Zhuang Wei

Editor: Chen Zhenyu


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